Samsung’s “In The Mood For Food” Invites You To Discover A Story Behind Every Bite

Nothing takes you to another place like food does and there’s quite nothing like a home-cooked meal to take you to the most special place—home. Truly, it is so magical how a home-cooked meal can bring people together and create a sense of comfort. An integral part of one’s family traditions, holidays, and identity, food is the reason we come together; and there is a story that unravels with each dish, each plate, and each morsel.

Being the industry leader in innovative digital appliances Samsung has become part of connecting people with food. The entire line of Bespoke Home products, such as their life-changing refrigerators and microwave ovens, become a tool in creating a myriad of dishes and also support professional chefs or food enthusiasts to create meaningful dishes with the appliance range’s versatility and range of functions. 

A story behind every bite
Samsung’s commitment to bringing stylish and more efficient digital appliances to be part of every Filipino’s home kitchen inspired them to create a digital series titled “In The Mood for Food”—heart-warming, feel-good episodes that will capture the attention of every foodie with riveting storytelling and delectable dishes featured.

Each episode showcases a chef with a specially curated dish that represents different themes revolving around Family, Tradition, Friendship, Love, and Comfort. 

For instance, episode one tells the story of the Tan family and how they decided to get a chef who is familiar with the family’s taste buds. For all Chinese families, homecoming symbolizes abundance; thus, celebrating their daughter Stacey’s return from London and having a special dish is something that their family looks forward to. Chef Chris whips out ingredients from his Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator equipped with All Around Cooling to prepare and cook a Cantonese Steamed Fish using the Pro Steamer function of the Samsung Smart Oven MC35R8088LC/TC. The meal, meticulously and lovingly prepared, is a prime example of just how much a single bite of a family’s favorite delicious dish can feel so like home.  

As they say, there is no more sincere love than the love we have for food—and there’s just nothing like a perfectly cooked meal to warm the heart and feed your soul. Take yourself on a delicious, heartfelt t journey with Samsung’s “In The Mood for Food” digital series. Visit Samsung’s Official Youtube Page ( to watch all of their digital episodes.

Products featured in each episode can be purchased in, Samsung’s official Shopee and Lazada and in leading dealers nationwide.