What’s your working style? Answer this Shopee Payday Quiz and find the perfect items for you!

Did you know that your personality can reveal a lot about how you work? Extroverts like to socialize and meet new people in the office while introverts tend to be more reserved and keep their inner circle small. Ambiverts are able to strike the balance of enjoying being in the company of others while relishing much-needed alone time. 

Curious to know your working style and the best items to complement it? Take the quiz below to find out if you're a social butterfly, a productivity veteran, a silent warrior, or an overly organized worker. Check out the many items on amazing deals in the upcoming April 15 Payday Sale! 

1. Which of the following describes your ideal office desk set-up?
A. Personalized with accessories and trinkets
B. Full of post-it reminders and to-to lists
C. Just your work laptop and a notebook
D. Stacked with organizers, containers, and filed folders

2. How would your colleagues describe you?
A. Sociable and outgoing
B. Independent and driven
C. Soft-spoken and observant
D. Detail-oriented and patient

3. How do you usually start planning projects?
A. Brainstorming with peers and teammates
B. Plotting goals for the weeks and months ahead
C. Coming up with an initial plan by yourself first
D. Identifying team roles and setting key processes 

4. How do you spend your day off from work?
A. Catching up with friends and going out
B. Starting the day early to make time for errands
C. Playing games and binge-watching series/movies
D. Fixing next week’s schedule and doing some house cleaning

5. What’s the first thing you would likely spend on during payday?
A. Fashion and personal care items to to look good and feel good
B. Workstation gadgets that help you accomplish your tasks
C. Self-care staples for your non-negotiable “me” time
D. Desk essentials such as pens, stationeries, label markers, and planners

If you answered mostly A’s, you are a Social Butterfly
You are terrific at creating relationships - a true "people person" who has friends all around the office. For busy days packed with multiple meetings and catch-ups, you’ll need to keep this QuiFit Daily Tumbler close at hand. It’s made of premium PETG material, has a versatile design, and motivates you to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can also bring this functional and lightweight Leather Folding Wallet from yingning123.ph  whenever you go out for lunch or have drinks with officemates. Keep your mask on you at all times and avoid misplacing it with a Mask Lanyard from ieasy.ph -- a very practical must-have in today’s new normal.

If you answered mostly B’s, you are a Productivity Veteran
In most cases, you are the type to do multiple tasks at the same time. You are also willing to take the reins and regularly deliver high-quality work without being pushed to do so. Boost your productivity with a Logitech M330 Wireless Mouse that has a comfortable rubber touch and responsive controls to help ease your daily tasks. Upgrade to a MageGee Mechanical Keyboard that has a unique layout and design, while remaining functional for typing those important emails and messages. Another great option to consider is a Popcorn Folding Laptop Stand which allows you to work with better posture as you spend hours in front of your screen. 

If you answered mostly C’s, you are a Silent Warrior
You achieve your personal objectives and contribute to the company's growth but are often quiet and take a while to come out of your shell. For you, a good work day is being able to enjoy the peace and quiet of your sacred space and finish all your tasks with minimal interaction. Try this Home Zania Electric Mug Warmer that will make your cup of coffee last much longer with a built-in thermostat. Tune out the noise around you when you wear this VIVAN Wireless Headset that delivers clear sound quality and bombastic bass. Stay connected with this trusty Garmin Smart Watch that lets you access your work notifications instantly, on top of all its other exciting fitness features. 

If you answered mostly D’s, you are Overly Organized
You have extensive organizational skills and like to maintain everything in order. You have a clean desk, a well-established routine, and initiative to lead the nitty gritty of project planning. You thrive when you have a sense of control over your work. This Deli File Organizer will be your best friend in storing all your necessities neatly. Track of your schedule and plan long-term with 2022 Spiral Notebook Planner from ddayupfun.ph. People like you would still appreciate a 2022 Stand Up Desk Calendar from eqwpt0lli.ph  to complete the list of your workspace essentials.  

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