Sustainable Wooden Toy brand, Tooky Toy, Available Online in the Philippines

One of the world’s premiere wooden toy brands for children, Tooky Toy Philippines, is officially opening its first flagship store in LazMall this February 23, 2022.

Tooky Toy started with a dream to make the best wooden toys possible. The brand looks for innovative and creative  ways to take ordinary objects and turn them into timeless and durable wooden toys. 

“As business owners, we had the responsibility to take part in reducing our carbon footprint. We are determined to do this by carefully considering the environment and society when it comes to our business practices. Together, Bebe Bata Corporation and Tooky Toy will help educate and inspire society to prioritize environmental preservation, child safety and development. By raising children who are self-aware, environmentally-conscious and imaginative, it is our hope that they will become individuals who understand the value of life, nature, connection and play,” CEO Margieli Santos explains. 

From Material to production, all toys are manufactured with love using eco-friendly processes in every step of production. All Tooky Toy have met and, in most cases, exceed the strictest international toy safety standards. 

Each Tooky Toy is made of wood from sustainable forests, using only organic pigments, water-based dyes, and non-formaldehyde glue, so every Tooky Toy tea set or musical toy is made not only with the safest standards for the environment, but for children too. 

More than the children’s safety, all products of Tooky Toy are beneficial for child development in different intelligences. The toys cater to different potentials and skills that all aim to hone the kids and help the parents discover and learn what their children’s strengths are.

More Than A Toy 

Tooky Toys are categorized as such:

  • Pretend Play
  • Educational
  • Push & Play
  • Music
  • Infant
  • Puzzle

Each category hits one to two intelligences and aids children’s cognitive development.  Tooky Toy grows with your child, encourages imagination, incorporates real-life skills, and enhances both physical and cognitive development; with its durability and timelessness, it can surely be passed on to the next generations - this way, the wonders and magic of learning through play lives on.

Shop Tooky Toy at LazMall beginning February 23, 2022 and be the first to purchase the limited edition and launch-exclusive bundles!

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