7 Tips and Tricks All Beauty Lovers Should Master

Throughout the years, we’ve seen just how quickly beauty fads change. We’ve witnessed the industry’s evolution, from yesteryears’ contouring and highlighting trends to today’s more natural, glowy looks.

That said, the fundamentals of beauty pretty much stay the same. After all, whichever look you’re going for, you still need to know the basics of taking proper care of your skin, or of picking out shades that work wonders for your skin tone. 

Below, we’ve rounded up a few skincare, hair care, and makeup how-tos for beauty lovers. We’ve also included product recommendations, which you can get for up to 90% off at the Shopee Beauty Sale starting July 28:

1. Wear sunscreen even while staying indoors
Rain or shine, it’s important to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. If you’re indoors, keep in mind that these rays can still penetrate windows. After your morning skincare, apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. SNAILWHITE CC Sunscreen comes with SPF50+ PA+++ and provides natural coverage.

2. Gently pat your skincare on 
The lightweight Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is perfect for the Philippines’ hot and humid climate. Squeeze a generous amount onto your fingertips and softly pat—don’t rub—on your face. A patting motion is more gentle on the skin. For thin skin surrounding the eye area, use your ring finger to help prevent wrinkles. 

3. Don’t shampoo everyday
Did you know that shampooing everyday actually strips the scalp of natural oils? Try shampooing every other day instead. During the days in between, use Palmolive Naturals Dry Shampoo to freshen up your locks. Spritz on sections of your hair for fragrant, floral-scented tresses. 

4. Don’t apply too much mascara to avoid clumps 
If clumpy spider lashes are the bane of your existence, here’s a little trick: always wipe off excess product on your mascara wand before wiggling it up your lashes. With Maybelline Lash Lift Mascara’s double curved wand, you can enjoy dramatic volume and lift minus the clumps.

5. Make your foundation look like second skin
Prior to applying foundation, create a glowing canvas by moisturizing your skin. Next, buff in your foundation of choice, blending from the center of your face outward. For a natural look, Ellana Buttermilk BB Foundie lends the skin medium coverage and a radiant finish. 

6. Prep your lips before applying lip products
Take a look in most Filipinas’ makeup bags, and you’ll definitely find a lip tint. Happy Skin Lip & Cheek Tint, for instance, offers a variety of morena-friendly colors. For smooth, juicy lips, exfoliate gently and swipe on a lip balm. Then apply the tint to the center of your lips and use your finger to diffuse the color. 


7. Use a light hand for your brows
You know what they say—brows can either make or break your look. For flawless arches, use Focallure Eyebrow Pencil to draw small, feathery strokes. Blend out the product as much as you can, then brush the hairs up with a clear brow gel to mimic a naturally full brow.

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