MIND S-COOL TV is back with Season 2, with climate and biodiversity in the spotlight

Get ready for a whole new set of creative learning adventures starting June 5, 2021 in Season 2 of MIND S-COOL TV!

In 2020, the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc (BAFI), a non-stock, non-profit foundation was the first to launch a new educational program called MIND S-COOL TV (MSC TV), amidst the pandemic. MSC TV found a new broadcast home in Cignal, which has the largest reach across the country in terms of subscribers.

MSC TV Season 1 dealt with the most fundamental questions about nature. When it aired in Cignal, the feedback has been so wonderful and highly encouraging as it showed that MSC TV was able to reach thousands of families from all walks of life across the country!

MIND S-COOL TV features “connected learning” – cutting across content in the sciences and the arts and relates concepts, framing it as genuine adventures to help us have an even better normal. They strongly resonate with lessons in the K-12 curriculum but even more, they are updated and delivered in ways using techniques that have been tried and tested in “inspired learning” which museums and performing centers work on and master, to deliver to its audiences.

For Season 2, with the wondrous space in The Mind Museum as the base, MSC T Season 2 also made full use of digitally enhanced graphics to reinforce the power of our minds to travel across time and places around the world!

Season 2 will focus on the only home we all share, nature and what it brings us – life, and how it relates to time, place, our genes, the built-up environment, and technology! For Season 2, we will of course be led by Mikee and Pecier, the 2 main questers of MSC TV, but it will have the entry of new characters that viewers will definitely love and be able to relate to, such as Manong Genius Guard or “Manong G”, as the questers fondly refer to him.

The Season 2 episodes features natural life and how they relate to our real-world settings, particularly two of the most fundamental issues of our time which the Philippines is at the center of: the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. Viewers will find themselves watching it

with their families and learning together and most of all, being inspired to act because of what they have learned.

The power of “shared viewing” in Cignal, the largest cable network in the country, safely with your family, where learning is not just easily accessible but supported by other members of your family is a big gain for education not just in pandemic times but beyond. Like the favorite educational TV programs of your childhood that you watched with your families, MIND S-COOL promises the viewers the same lasting gift.

The Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc (BAFI), a non-stock, non-profit foundation, has always championed science and art in education, beginning with The Mind Museum that opened in 2012, and the BGC Arts Center in 2017. Carrying on with the same vision and determination, BAFI now brings you MIND S-COOL TV, to re-imagine learning for Filipino students to enrich and expand learning which every Filipino, especially the young, deserves.

BAFI was able to do this because of the support of partners and for Season 2, it had the support of Fluor, an engineering firm that strongly advocates for STEM education and who saw the power of “shared viewing on TV” in learning. Season 2 was also supported by 3M through Global Giving.